10 Soft Skills You Need

In the current working world sometimes being a good person and having professional skills or hard skills is the kind that employers like but maybe not enough to allow you to step into the leader level or the leader of the organization, but the combination of soft skills into the work will make you go even further Importantly, it is widely accepted from the boss and colleagues without any doubt. And this is soft skills that employers look for from employees because it will result in smooth work and development above many competitors.

1. Communication 57.9%

Whether it is the world of work or lifestyle, living communication is very important. Do not forget that humans are social animals. Communication is help that indicates what you want. Want to tell anyone? Want to get results? good communication will make your journey easier.

2. Organization 56.5 %

For those who are stepping into a leader or a good leader, the vision of the organization structure and the positioning of the right people for the job will make the work progress smoothly. And get a better piece of work for general employees. The work assigned to their duties as well and follow the rules and regulations implementing the organizational structure without reluctance will make the work flow smoothly.

3. Teamwork 56.4 %

Have you heard this metaphor? “Walking alone, walking easily but can walk a long distance, must go as a team “is out of date for a solo show because good teamwork will help to develop a variety of work, buoyancy, time, always have a backup plan if anyone is sick or accident.

4. Always Punctual 55.9%

This is very important. Whether you are good but not on time that equals you as a person who does not respect the time and rights of others. Often found this In addition, the teammates will sing and the employers should not like it too.

5. Creativity 55%

There are new things happening every day on this planet and what will make your work or an interesting idea? Try to draw your creativity out. It also makes work more fun and challenging each day.

6. Critical Thinking 55.8 %

Just like the people in the social world like to say, think, analyze, discern. What is it actually? Critical thinking means that you should use the right reason to have morals to make decisions in working together. For example, colleagues may have too much personal behavior more than you can accept. But his work is excellent which is customers also like it ( you should accept that work and separate emotions, personal feelings from work) or dare to express opinions when the work you have to do may be a social attack, no matter how a small or a big deal.

7. Interpersonal Communication 55 %

You should learn how to speak to anyone in the workplace in order to make the work better. And the chief may talk in one form and the followers may talk to one form for proper interaction.

8. Adaptability 54.9 %

People who follow the rules and regulations of the company are good. But sometimes you should have some flexibility when needed doing something extreme may make colleagues and those around you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes some relief at work gives a better response.

9. Friendly Personality 54.6 %

If you go to work with serious facial expressions from morning to evening every day without smiles and laughter. Anyone who invites to lunch or party after work but you never go. Nobody wants to communicate with. However, gossip is not called good human relations.

10. Social Skills 55.8%

This topic may look very wide. But it includes everything in society whether it is a matter of personality dress that suits the place and time the matter of cleanliness bad breath, that needs to care the subject of social etiquette. Such as knowing when you should say thanks and sorry. Business meeting with exchange business cards at the right time. When you should send messages or call to customers.What you should say when you need help from other colleagues. Everything is important to improve you to become a professional employee. Accepting one another of the organization.

By www.thebalance.com and www.linkedin.com