Prachuap Khiri Khan is one of the western provinces of Thailand. It is in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula, some 240 km south of Bangkok. Neighboring provinces are Phetchaburi to the north and Chumphon to the south. To the west it borders Tanintharyi Region of Myanmar. This province is rich of tourist attrations for example beaches, national parks and some of them you may not know yet.

1. Hua Hin Beach
Hua Hin beach is the first famous summer tourist destination in Thailand which has clear water, white sand and a great atmosphere. It’s been a popular tourist attraction for long time, until now. On the beach there is a stone dam made of cement which has been constructed in 1960, before the construction of the Klai Kangwon Palace. There was no beach road because it’s privacy for Royal Family. However, it was developed time by time. There was the Melia Hotel, which was formerly the Chakrapong Palace of HRH Princess Chakrabongphunat, currently the Hilton Hua Hin Hotel. The Railway Hotel is the first European standard hotel in Thailand as we now know as Centra Grand Beach Resort and Villa.

2. Khao Takiab Beach
Khao Takiab beach is about 14 kilometers south of Hua Hin. There is a junction on the left from Petchkasem Road at Km. 221, about 500 meters away. Khao Takiab is a hill that extends into the sea with beautiful rocks. There is a large statue of a Buddha image, facing the sea on the top of the mountain, with a clear path to see the sea and Hua Hin city clearly. Khao Takiab beach is about 1.5 kilometers long.The beach area has restaurants, resorts, hotels and shops selling fresh and dried seafood from fisherman.

3. Suan Son Beach or Suan Son Pradipat
This area has a unique beach which is partly shaded by a line of pine trees. When you walking along on the white sand you will find a beautiful curve of Suan Son beach, streching about 2.8 kilometers from Khao Takiab to Khao Tao. The beach is fully equipped with a number of facilities such as a shower, toilet, swimming pool and restaurant.

4. Khao Tao Beach
Khao Tao pleases people who escape from crowed Hua Hin beach. It’s a great place to swim, peaceful atmosphere and there are many interesting places around to visit such as Rajabhakti Park and Pran Buri National Forest Park.

5. Sai Noi Beach
A very nice small beach, quiet and paceful, foods and drinks are available and also free parking for scooters. There is a trail behind a large rock with stairs to a giant Buddha. It’s amazing and gorgeous views of the area. It is about ten kilometers south of Hua Hin to this paradise.

หาดทรายน้อย เขาเต่า

6. Pak Nam Pran Beach
The beautiful sea, white sand and local boat rental to see fishing as traditional way of life in Pak Nam Pran. It is a prolongation of hua hin beach, consisting of Pranburi Forest Park, and a beautiful beaches stretching to Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, it is a quiet and shady. There are many accommodation available at Pak Nam Pran.

7. Khao Kalok Beach
Khao Kalok is a clean beach with brown sand, the atmosphere is cool and quiet. South of the beach, there is a mountain with a skull shape so the villagers named it Khao Kalok. You can also climb this mountain.


8. Laem Sala Beach
A nice and desolate beach that reminds a shape of a crescent moon. There are tents and houses rental services, restaurant and nature parks.

9. Bo Nok Beach
Ao Bo Nok is a long stretch of sandy beach washed by crystal clear sea. That is the spot where Bryde’s whales are found. One of the most rare tropical whale in the world. They are usually crowding in this area to find food, during August – October. If you would like to see it you can contact the Bo Nok beach villagers for boat renting.

หาดบ่นอก ประจวบ

10. Ao Prachuap Beach
Ao Prachuap is a main beach in Prachuap Khiri Khan town. It is about eight kilometers without a canvas and shade. This place is not popular for swimming because it is located in the city, from this beach you can see the Saranvithi bridge. 


11. Ao Manao Beach
Ao Manao is a sandy beach adjacent to a beautiful mountain seaside landscape. This place stretches to Bang Nara right side to Thaksin Ratchaniwet Palace. Ao Manao is under the supervision of the 53rd Airborne Division. The other side is Khao Lom Muak which is a very famous and challenge for climbers with high and amazing views.

12. Wanakorn Beach
This is another isolated beach in province. When it is the lowest water tide, it will become a long beach around 150-meter-wide. It is perfect for camping, picnic, swimming, running and so on. 

ชายหาดวนกร ประจวบ

13. Thap Sakae Beach
Thap Sakae is a beach under shade of pine trees. Plenty of places for snorkeling at Koh Chan and Koh Taytree. Those places you can swim and dive all year except during the monsoon season around December – January.

ชายหาดทับสะแก ประจวบ

14. Baan Grood Beach
Baan Grood beach is located in Baan Grood district, Thong Chai Sub-district, Bang Saphan District Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. A wide and wondweful beach which is about 12 kilometers long, parallel to the beach road. Another beautiful destination in Thailand that you have to visit.

เลียบชายหาดบ้านกรูด ประจวบ

15. Koh Talu Beach
Koh Talu is located in Bang Saphan Noi district. The Island with white sand and clear water, including shallow water spots, abundant fish and a variety of coral. It is awesome for snorkeling. Koh Talu has a long shape in the north-south direction by the west coast. The distinctive symbol of Koh Talu is the pier which has a large hollow hole two sides under a cliff, like a stone bridge. Caused by erosion of wind and sea waves throuout thousands of thousand of years. You can travel to Koh Talu all year round, however, the best season is during February to May. 


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