The breakfast we have every day has been influenced by many nations, some morning we have Thai breakfast another we have a European breakfast. And the other day changed to eat some Arabic or mixed many nations together, but delicious. There are many types of breakfast to choose from. However, as we have known there are much different breakfast from around the world. This is might be interesting for someone who is going to travel or study abroad.

1.America: Pancakes + Bacon + Omelette + Orange Juice

Americans like to eat soft pancakes for breakfast, May pour a little honey or other syrup alongside with crispy bacon and omelette, and popular with orange juice.

2.England: Grilled tomato + sausage + bacon + fried egg + hot tea

British have breakfast like American, but pancakes are not popular. Most of them will have fried sausages or grilled bacon, fried eggs and added vegetables like grilled tomatoes with hot English tea.

3.Germany: loaf bread + sausage + boiled egg + black coffee

German would like to eat a small round loaf of bread (Roll Bread) with a soft, sticky texture, along with a dish like fried sausage or grilled with boiled eggs and black coffee.

4.Brazil: fruit + toast and ham + orange juice

Brazilian will eat breakfast like toast and ham or the cold cut food topped on bread and must have seasonal fruits to eat as well as papaya, and most of them enjoyed orange juice for a first meal.

5.Italy: bread + jam + coffee

Italians have a simple breakfast with just a small round loaf of bread or roll bread. Add some fruit jam served with hot coffee.

6.Japan: rice + miso soup + pickles + hot tea

Japanese miso soup can be found almost every meal in the morning. Japanese pick up a hot miso soup, cooked with rice, and pickles, as a simple breakfast but full of stomachs.

7.China: porridge + pork bun + hot tea

Chinese and Thais have breakfast similarly. As we know that porridge is original from China and it became a popular breakfast for us to eat and tastier eat porridge with buns especially pork buns with minced pork served with Chinese tea in a hot cup.

8.Sweden: Cold cut bread with vegetables + tomatoes + boiled eggs + orange juice

Swedish often bring bread may be toasting or not topped with cold cuts bread such as ham, sausage, cheese or crushed beef with orange juice.

9.Australia: conflex + Bread with Vegemite + Orange Juice

Aussie prefers bread topped with veggies (Vegemite), a cream for the Aussie native bread. Made from yeast mixed with vegetables served with conflex with milk and also Orange Juice.

10.Russia: Russian porridge + rye bread + sausage + hot tea

In the morning, Russians would eat porridge with rye bread (Rye Bread is made from long, round rye flour, then cut into thin slices), sausages and hot tea, which the porridge of the Russians or also known as Kasha, not just an ordinary breakfast but also important about the Russian wedding ceremony. They cooked grains such as beans and stewed with vegetables or fish.

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