Pandan or Pandanus amaryllifolius is part of Pandanus (screwpine) genus. The plant is categorized as shrubs that have green color and could reach 1-2 meters in height, with round stems, blade-like narrow leaves that spans 60-80cm, and woody roots. The plants could occasionally grow flowers.

Pandan Leaves are quite popular in South East Asia for culinary purposes due to its strong, sweet, and grassy aroma that could bring out people’s appetite and enrich the food flavors. It is an essential ingredient in South East Asia because pandan leaves often needed to make daily and traditional foods. Pandan leaves could be used for the fragrance and color for making cakes, sweet rice, and even beverages. Below, we are going to discuss and mention how pandan leaves can be beneficial to our health.

1. Treating High Blood Pressure
First health benefit of pandan leaves is to treat high blood pressure. High blood pressure or hypertension is a disease in blood vessels that cause the pressure beyond the normal limit of 110-120 / 90mmHg. This disease can be caused by factors of food, age, lifestyle, obesity, and stress.

Various sources mentions that drinking pandan tea twice a day could lower high blood pressure. All you have to do to make this pandan tea, is to boil 2 – 3 cups of water with 3 grams of pandan leaves. Wait until it receeds to only half the amount of the water. The pandan tea could be consumed half in the morning and half in the night to lower high blood pressure. If pandan tea consumed regularly, it could also prevent other heart diseases like coronary artery disease.

2. Relieving Insomnia
Insomnia could be a very hard thing to handle. Especially if this happens when you have to get up early the next day and have a bunch of activities to do. The symptom often occur when a person is anxious and has a burden of mind. If you are experiencing insomnia you can give a try to Pandan Leaves to relieve your Insomnia. Pandan leaves have been proven very beneficial here for our health. Pandan leaves contain alkaloid compounds that can provide a calming effect on the body. When experiencing insomnia, pandan leaves can help you calm down and make you easier to sleep. You only need to brew pandan leaves with hot water, then put one teaspoon of honey. Drink while still warm.

3. Suppressing Anxiety
Health benefits of pandan leaves can also be implemented to treat anxiety. Someone often experience anxiety when gets into trouble or face problem. If you experience this, take two pieces of pandan leaves then wash and slice it thinly. Brew the leaves with a glass of boiling water. Once cool, strain the water and drink at once. Do it two or three times a day until you feel better.

4. To Cope with Diabetes
Diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin production that is useful to absorb the juice. This glucose-shaped food extract can settle on human bloodstream if not treated immediately. One of the treatment of diabetes is replacing sugar or sweetener with pandan leaves when making a drink. Pandan leaves will make your drink more fresh and taste a little savory without having to use sugar.

5. Clearing Up Headache
If you often have headaches maybe you can try to add pandan leaves to your drink or food. Headache pain often disrupts your daily activities. The use of pandan can be used as an alternative to chemical drugs that have harmful side effects to the body.
And there you have it, a lot of health benefits just from pandan leaves. Go get yourself some, or, if you are keen of gardening, plant yourself some pandan leaves because it could come in handy someday for you.



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