Permanent Secretary of Hua Hin Municipality, Mr. Chirawat Pammani led Public Health and Environment Hua Hin Municipality’s officers to stop using foam and plastic bags in Hua Hin Municipality office due to International Plastic Bag Free Day. By publicizing the knowledge of the foam and plastic effects on the environment. And inviting employees turned to use cloth bags or baskets instead. Plastic bags require 100 – 500 years to be able to decompose completely.

3 July of every year is a universal plastic bag-free day was set up by the Plastic Bag Free World Organization. The goal of this event is to reduce plastic waste. Thailand is ranked number 6th in the world that releases garbage into the sea and ocean. Found that plastic bags are still the most worrying sea waste in Thailand. With the situation that has caused many sectors to help reduce the use of plastic and the creation of waste that affects the environment, including shopping centers that each year There are many plastic bags used. Campaign for customers to use cloth bags instead.


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