The television is a powerful channel for spreading information. Although several people use it for educational and informational purposes, most people watch television for entertainment. In fact, when most people want to spend more time with family, they usually do so by watching TV together. The fact is that while the TV is a resource for educating people when used for the wrong reasons it can have a negative impact on a community. Due to the fact that television is present in our life since our early years, it can affect our personal development. So is television good or bad for us?

First of all, you need to establish the reason why you watch TV. Due to the great variety of programs we no longer watch TV for a certain purpose ( not even for entertainment). It has become such an integrated element of our life that we just watch it just to see what is on. There’s nothing wrong with watching the news, educational programs or even entertainment programs from time to time. However, moderation is essential in all aspects of our life. Make sure you don’t choose the TV because you are too lazy to go meet with your friends or because you can’t afford to miss an episode of your reality TV. The television good or bad impact is entirely up to us. Try to gain something out of watching TV and avoid integrating it to your daily routine.

While adults are mature enough to handle the information from the TV, children can be heavily influenced by it. Try to filter the programs that your child watches and set some limitations regarding the television time. Even though it can be comfortable to keep your child distracted by the TV so you can do your chores around the house, this is not a recommended solution. The TV is not meant for replacing adult supervision. Instead of turning it on you can try asking your child to help you with the chores. If you want to spend more time with family, you might as well do this in a productive manner. Furthermore keep in mind that even cartoons can be harmful for your child’s education. Some of them are not appropriate for small children as they can be quite violent.

Is television good or bad?” is a question with multiple answers. However determining the answer will not help solve the problem. Even if people know something is bad for them they still do it. For example, we can criticize some TV programs but in the same time we keep watching them. What we consider to be bad TV are the programs that promote no moral values and have no educational purposes. This does not mean that the TV is bad nor does it mean that it is good for us. At this point, it is just part of our lives and how it affects us is entirely up to us.


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