Trash Hero is an international, volunteer ecological project that was created in 2013 in Thailand at the initiative of several travelers. They created sustainable, community-based projects that remove existing waste and reduce future waste by inspiring long-term behavior change. There is Trash hero in many provinces and here as well. So every Sunday at 4 pm they clean around Hua Hin. No cost, no sign up, just show up. You can check the schedule from the Facebook page for weekly meeting place.

Saturday 21st September is a World Cleanup Day 2019. Trash Hero officially joins the event. For Trash Hero Hua Hin, the mission is to clean 2 places at the same time at 4 pm.

1. Navyphirom (Hua Hin soi 53)
2. Ferry Hua Hin Pattaya

Bring your own tools if you have and bring your own drinking water in a reusable bottle!
1 Gloves
2 Tong
3 Bag
4 Please wear proper shoes
5 Drinking water in reusable/refillable bottle

Get ready and see you there!


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