Hua Hin has long been a wonderful weekend getaway destination in Thailand and offers plenty. It is famous for its spotless beaches, the Royal family residence, lots of attractions, beautiful temples and monkeys, of course.

Khao Takiab or Monkey Mountain is a well-known place in Hua Hin where you can see macaques in their natural habitat. It generally makes for a great afternoon, feeding and watching the monkeys in action. However, in the last few years, the growing population of these fantastic creatures has become a real disaster for locals and tourists alike.

People from nearby villages have complained about the troubles caused by monkeys in their fields and even their houses. What is more, is that these primates seem to be littering more than people. They tend to steal things from monks’ houses, trash bins, temples and end up leaving it everywhere.

Currently, the population is around three thousand. The reason for such quick growth is that male macaques can mate up to 10 times a day, as for females, they can give birth twice a year.

Monkey birth control

A few years ago, it was decided to start a birth control program by sterilizing female macaques. Last year 600 monkeys were sterilized but it has not worked as planned. Consequently, this year the municipality will attempt to sterilize 1,200 female macaques, said Busaba Chokesuchart, vice mayor of the city.

For the implementation of sterilization plan, 1.2 million baht is required, as the expenses for 1 procedure is 1,000 THB. Hua Hin Dog Shelter in Hua Hin municipality provided their center for operations. The operations are carried out by the vets from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation and Mahidol University.

Special cages with food are set on the mountain in order to catch the monkeys. During this period, it is forbidden for tourists to feed the monkeys. Wildlife and Plant Conservation workers will take macaques out of the cages and prepare them for the operations. Usually, one operation takes around 30 minutes while rehabilitation lasts until the next morning, after which the macaques are taken back to their natural setting.

Hua Hin is not the only city in Thailand that has faced monkey problems. For people in Bangkok and Lopburi, this is also a serious question. In addition, India and Florida decided to implement a monkey birth control program too.

Perhaps it is a grim measure, but experts assure that it is necessary for both monkeys and local people. Many aspects and discussions have led to implementing this birth control program and will hopefully ease the state in which these monkeys live and act.

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