From the 1st of October, a new parking facility was opened to the public that included seven floors for parking 350 cars and motorcycles. The parking facility is also equipped with an elevator for easy access. The facility, which was headed by the mayor of the city, Khun Jira Phongphaiboon, was budgeted at 63 million THB.

The implementation of the parking facility was a necessary measure for landscaping the city and making it easier for tourists and more comfortable for residents.

Parking is a problem in most modern cities and Hua Hin is not an exception. Each year the number of cars on the roads increase in a geometric progression, especially during the holiday season. For people from overcrowded cities such as Bangkok or Pattaya, Hua Hin is an ideal weekend getaway spot with endless seashores, magnificent views, and an inviting atmosphere. As a result, the roads are more congested and parking becomes a problem.

The new parking facility is convenient for visitors to the municipality but also helps ease traffic congestion on Phetchakasem and Damnuan Kasem Road. Parking is free with security guards on site. The Mayor says this is a major achievement by his management team and will improve the city’s tourism infrastructure.

Unfortunately, the public has another opinion about the parking opening, as it is only open from 8.30 AM until 4.30 PM, from Monday to Friday, thus not providing a solution for the influx of visitors over the weekend.

Source: Hua Hin Today

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