Pet registration law was presented to the society as an obligatory procedure for all pets owners.

Hua Hin ministry of Agriculture presented a new law for pet owners, due to which each pet should be registered and paid a bill of 450 THB for one pet, in case of breaking the law and not paying the bill pet owners should be cover a fine which is approximately 25 000 THB.

The purpose for such strict measures is very edgy for modern society and due to that big fines look reasonable. As a global aim is drawing attention to the problem of animals’ welfare and prevention of cruelty treatment of animals. All the funds received during the pets registration procedure would be used for the maintaining of abandoned animals.

There are around 10 voluntears groups which are struggling for animals rights and doing everything possible for protecting animals from euthanasia. The groups suspected instead that the dogs would be euthanized as per the rabies-control law that is why they are working on regular vaccination and putting a special marks which shows that the animal is healthy and could keep leaving among people and other animals.

In spite of the honorable goals the number of abandoned animals can be increased as even a one time payment for conscientious pets owners who has several pets, could be impossible and they would be forced to leave their little friends on the streets.

In case the majority of public would be opposite the new law about pet registration, the government is ready for finding of better solutions.

Director- general of the Livestock Department, Sorawit Thaneto said that the obligatory payment bill should be pulled out for a rework. As for now as an option there could be offered a one time payment of 450 THB for registration of all animals or there could be given a certain time period during which pets owners can pay the reduced amount, around 50 THB for each animal.

Source: Hua Hin Today