Blúport fall in love with Prachuab Kirikhan #2 from 13-19 June 2019 free event and gain a new perspective on the province. Experience the highlights from Prachaub Kirikan’s eight distinct districts and coconut from Amphoe Thubsakae at Bluport Hua Hin.

Everyday: – Highlight menus from Hotel, resort and local restaurants

– Special price of accommodations, spa and tour package

– The simulation adventure activity zone with archery

– The Simulation of underwater from Prachuap Kirikhan coastal aquaculture research and development center.

13 June: Grand opening by 62 VIPs, partnership and Chefs cooking  Spicy Shrimp and Coconut Shoot Salad cooking show

14 June: Bartender competition

15 June: Coconut Peeling competition

16 June: Coconut Grater  competition

17-19 June: Workshop DIY shopping bag from waste material and

Seminar of beat plastic pollution and free bamboo straws set to exchange with 30 pieces of plastic rubbish (Straws, bottle, bag)  limited for 50 persons/day.


Source:Blúport Huahin

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