Bangkokians may find it hard to imagine that their next trip to Beijing could begin in Bang Sue.

The district, which has garnered less fame than its neighbor, Chatuchak, the city’s hub for travel to the North, is set to become part of the “Trans-Asian Line”  the government’s ambitious plan to build a rail network linking Thailand to other countries as far away as Singapore and China.

“Thais will be able to take high-speed trains to the Chinese capital and Singapore from a railway station in Bang Sue in the future,” said Deputy Transport Minister Pailin Chuchottaworn.

That will be possible once the construction of four routes for Shinkansen, or bullet trains, is completed.

High-speed railways in the pipeline

Under the state’s plan to make Thailand the logistics hub of Asian, officials have agreed that high-speed trains will be at the heart of the country’s much-needed new infrastructure system. It will be the first time that Thailand will have such a modern transport network, which will cover 3,193 kilometers at a cost of about 2.07 trillion baht.

The rail route will link Bang Sue with Chiang Mai in the North, Laos in the Northeast, Cambodia in the East and Malaysia in the South.

But this plan isn’t just on paper. The government has already begun the construction of some routes and will “keep calling bids” for the project, Mr. Pailin said. The routes will make transport more convenient and are expected to drive the national economy forward in the long term, he said.

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