Britons lead the way for globetrotting, taking the top spot for the highest number of international countries visited according to the “Well Travelled Survey” commissioned by Agoda. A fast-growing digital platform. The survey showed that the average British traveler has visited 12 countries, followed by Australians who average 10 international destinations.

The survey also reveals travel trends based on gender and age for countries in Asia Pacific. The Middle East as well as the UK and US ahead of World Tourism Day on September 27.

According to the survey, almost seven out of 10 or 68 percent of people in the areas surveyed have visited up to 10 countries. With travelers from the United Arab Emirates averaging at 92 percent and Saudi Arabia 82 percent, followed by Thailand (76%), Malaysia (75%) and Japan (71%).

The UK has the largest proportion of travelers who have visited more than 31 destinations (5%), followed by Australia (4%), Thailand (3%) and the United States (2%).

In Agoda’s home market of Asia Pacific, Malaysians are most likely to have traveled to more than 10 countries (11%), followed by Thais (8%), Indonesians (2%), and Vietnamese (1%).

“Whether it’s looking to find yourself or just the need for a relaxing break in the sun after working hard throughout the year. It’s clear people everywhere – regardless of age or gender – love to travel,” said Timothy Hughes, vice president of corporate development at Agoda. “And with so many ways and reasons to travel, and bustling cities, breath-taking beaches or rich arts and cultural centers to explore, it’s no wonder that the number of people visiting up to 10 countries is so high.”



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