Traditionally each year before touristic high season the government applying some new standards and taking care of the realization of common preparation process in order to increase total income received for tourism sphere.

Among other innovations Mrs. Eumporn Tangtong, a former member of Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Administration at Thap Sakae District with the head of the Thap Sakae has announced that a wooden fishing jetty named by the local public as ‘Pa Nouy’, which is located on the Thap Sakae beach, would be renovated and available for visitors again.

This Thup Sakae Wooden Jetty is probably the oldest traditional fishing jetty in the central western gulf of Thailand. As a touristic place it might attract a lot of selfie takers, as well as professional photographers who can make a lot of nice pictures of sunsets and local landscapes.

The Thup Sakae Wooden Jetty was handed to the Tab Sakae Administration, which was authorized as a caretaker by the Harbor Department. Different social organisations and groups working as a unit now in order to expand the efforts and speed up the renovation process. Armed with the necessary financial sources they plan open the jetty for visitors before the date which was discussed earlier.

In order to save the authentic appearance of the pier, during renovation procedure will be used only natural materials which were common for building such traditional fishing jetties many many ages ago, so due to this idea a large pine tree 9 meters in length will be the main feature of the structure. It is hard to imagine that nowadays people taking care about their historical heritage and trying to some pieces of their culture for future generations instead of building modern constructions via using brand new technologies which could be probably even more functional.

When the renovation process of the Thup Sakae Wooden Jetty would be finished, visitors can enjoy walking pier, feeling a tender breeze on their skin and slight magic whisper of ocean waves.

Source: Hua Hin Today