As Bangkok residents prepare for another winter of toxic air, a Kasikorn Research Centre (K-Research) report on Tuesday warned of the monetary cost of the pollution. A preliminary estimate by K-Research found the opportunity cost to the health of those affected. By Bangkok pollution will reach Bt700-800 million if the situation persist for the two weeks of September 28 through October 12.

Additional impacts on tourism and related businesses as not yet clear, according to the Centre. Citing data from, K-Research estimated that the air pollution could escalate to be more serious than was experienced earlier this year. According to the report, on September 30 the PM2.5 level in some areas of Bangkok reached 202 micrograms per cubic metre (µg/m3).

Emissions from vehicles combining with stagnant area has resulted in several areas of greater Bangkok remaining covered in a fine PM2.5 particulate dust, the report noted. The World Health Organisation sets the safety limit of PM2.5 at 25µg/m3, while Thailand doubles the safety limit to 50µg/m3.

K-Research said they would monitor the situation and regularly update their estimates.




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